Why MS Dhoni is the most charismatic leader ever


MS Dhoni led a second-string Indian team to ODI and T20I series wins against Zimbabwe. The tour was a great learning experience for youngsters who played under an experienced skipper in Dhoni. The Indian skipper’s bat, however, failed to do the talking in T20I series as his prowess as a finisher is diminishing fast.

Nevertheless, the series was a big learning ground for Team India youngsters. With the big guns missing, youngsters looked up to Dhoni for guidance and inspiration. Dhoni’s charismatic appeal as the leader helped India get past the finish line in this series. Cricwizz looks into some of the reasons that make Dhoni a charismatic leader under whom a debutant can flourish.

Let’s team-members take the limelight: At the end of every series win, Dhoni quickly hands over the trophy to his team-members and take his position in the last row for the group picture. He lets others to soak in the winning moment, while he just enjoys the moment from the sidelines. This gives the members the joy of identifying with the win and forging a team bonding that helps to serve the best interest of the team.

Counts positives despite embarrassing losses: Dhoni has always harped on positives even in losses and restrained himself from blaming individuals. In the ODI series Down Under early this year, when India lost a match from a winning position and succumbed to fourth straight loss in ODIs against Australia, Dhoni still counted the positives that got India closer to the target. India turned the tables around, won the fifth ODI and completed a whitewash of the three-match T20I series.

Shares success with team: Dhoni’s finishing touch to an innings has always been the talk of the town. He has achieved  a good degree of success as the finisher. But seldom he takes to praising himself and instead shares the success with the whole team. He has played those brilliant cameos to finish off a match, but given due to credit to player for putting the team in winning position. In a way, he shows he is a great leader who helps his team-members enjoy the limelight.

Does not go overboard in success or sulks in failures: Dhoni is the calming factor that keeps the team sane in a highly competitive sport like cricket. Dhoni takes failure and success with equal measure. He has the experience to understand that winning and losing are part and parcel of this game. Hence, Dhoni neither goes overboard in success nor sulks in failure.